Solar Powered Petrol Pump

Solar energy solutions are a great hand of help to many petrol pump owners. Petrol pumps have to operate 24x7, and that incurs electricity to keep the station up and running. With solar panels being installed at the petrol pumps, the electricity consumption and costs bore gets reduced significantly. You can have electricity that is cheap and clean 24x7.
To set up a traditional solar system in petrol pumps solar panels, an inverter, controller and batteries are required. When the sun is at its peak, the power is derived from the radiation and surplus of it is stored in batteries. During the non-sunny hours, it is this energy that is used. The stored energy can support 50% of the total power requirements during rainy days.

Excellent Solar Pump Solution

Cost Effective Electricity

SOLACE brings the best power supply to petrol pumps for uninterrupted functioning. If you are thinking of getting a sustainable power source for your petrol pump, get in touch with us. SOLACE have installed more than 550 Petrol Pump’s in Eastern Part of India. SOLACE is the empanelled vendor of IOCL & HPCL.

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